Top 5 best Apps for your Android Phone

The ever growing Android Market is flooded with Apps. There are millions of apps, but not all of them are crowd’s favorite. For every category there are thousands of choices…

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Protect your website from hackers

How to protect your website from Hackers

Programmers are uncontrolled on the web and it’s not bizarre for individuals to get have their sites decimated in light of an assault. While these digital assaults are entirely normal,…

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password strength

Password Strength – How strong is my Password?

Password throughout 2016 we saw a huge number of firms hacked, leaving many users vulnerable and at risk. Despite this and the constant reminders not to use common, easy to…

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ncell offer

Ncell set to offer free Facebook to all its users

Ncell takes another bold step against the profuse competition of networking giants Appropriate from today Ncell has set facebook for free for nothing to both its Prepaid and Postpaid supporters. In the wake…

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