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Men’s Room (Reloaded) setting an example for Nepal government to follow

Nepali actor Deepak Chettri is in deep trouble currently. He has acted in many movies and is pleading for help and says he hasn’t lost his hope and isn’t going to in the near future. The actor who played the role of a sick person in the movie ‘Jhola’ is living under the same roof with his reel life in his real life. He has spread both of his hand on the air surrendering to the fact that he is in no position to afford medical help and tackle his problems.

Men’s Room (Reloaded) setting an example for the Nepal government to follow

In the recent video interview, he explains that he has a cyst grown on his throat for almost four years now and the only cure is an operation. But the financial drought has prevented him from achieving a sound health adding more frustration to his problems. Due to the cyst, his voice is hardly ever audible which has the 50-50 chances of recovering post operation.

“The government hasn’t helped me, I have requested them many times,” said the actor with a difficult voice. He added, “I wrote application the same time when the government granted Sujata Koirala 50 Lakhs for her health treatment. What did I not do to receive similar support?”

When the question arose about whether the Kalakar Sangh has issued any help for his situation the actor Chettri laughs it off. He explains that they don’t have the money to pay their own office rent, how will they help me.

The Government of Nepal isn’t the Robinhood that our citizen expects it to be rather but it’s the complete opposite by analyzing the fact we have read and dealt. Providing millions to Prakash Dahal the son of our respectable Prime Minister Prachanda Dahal to climb Mount Everest is acceptable and a bigger achievement for our government.

But little did we know that the citizen of our country has a bigger heart than the government of Nepal. The Interview video went viral in the social media and has successfully raised many youths’ eyebrows. The famous Youth group of Nepal, Men’s room Reloaded has taken the initiative to help the actor collect fund for his operation.

The Facebook group Men’s room Reloaded has always been active in charitable events and have always been one step ahead to warn and protest against the evil deeds within our society. Men’s room reloaded as the name states is a group formed of boys only.

The members of the group have decided to donate as much money one can assist with, and the response is quite an admirable job. The members of the groups have responded positively believing that every drop of water when accumulated will fill the vessel.

Yet again the group has united for a cause; this might serve as a slap in the face for the government who always has its hands tied in these type of situations.

There is more power in unity than division. Men’s Room Reloaded is the perfect example of this statement. The synonyms of Men’s Room have always been unity and voice of the youths. The member deserves a pat on the back for their inspirational works they have done in the past and are doing presently.

Sorce: Annapuna Post

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