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SEE Grading System

According to the New Act 2016(2073), SEE Results is published on a grading system from 0 to 4 for each course based on its GPA score. Those students holding 4 GPA scores are outstanding with A+ remarked, likewise students scoring with 3.6 GPA is excellent with A remarks. Similarly 3.2 GPA for B+ students initiating very good label and 2.8 GPA for B students representing well.

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The students scoring C+ with 2.4 GPA is satisfactory and scoring C with 2.0 is acceptable. Those students securing 1.6 GPA with scoring D is above insufficient and 0.8 GPA score labeling E is Very Insufficient. 

see grading system

But no need to worry because the New System has no provision for failing the students. So GOOD LUCK. 


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